Charing Cross Mansions

Conveniently located with easy access to bustling Covent Garden and
dynamic Soho nearby, our design team took on the challenge to redesign the interiors of two apartments, to make four and to give them a much needed contemporary makeover.

Using the highest quality design products, including radiators, waterfall shower heads, Italian wardrobes and other quality furnishings, the design team succeeded in creating luxury living interiors for the ever discerning and demanding rental market in this part of London.

In the studio apartments the design team managed to work the limited space to create three distinctive living areas - one for eating, one for relaxing and one for sleeping. Using mirror fronted wardrobes gave a sense of extra space.

Wow! The apartments are amazing, thank you both for the incredible attention to detail you have put into them. The whole team are very excited and we are proud to add such stunning apartments to the portfolio!
— City Marque 

Project: 43 Queens Row

The Top of the Bill apartments are now ready to rent!

Located 5 minutes from Elephant & Castle and with stunning views of the city, these contemporary apartments were designed to make the most of the original Victorian features.

Wherever possible we retained the original exposed brickwork. 

We like the way the original style windows let the light shine through. 

All interiors and design products, including the kitchens and bathrooms, heating and flooring, were designed and supplied by The Furniture Union.

Project : 39 Connaught Square

After months of hard work on this challenging refurbishment project, The Furniture Union finally completed the job on time and within budget.

Located in the corner of charming Connaught Square and minutes away from Hyde Park, this four-storey property was given a top to bottom contemporary makeover. Our design team maintained original
Victorian features where possible, such as fireplaces, cornices and ceiling roses.  We complemented the traditional aspects with contemporary pieces such as the chandelier in the main reception room.

To top it all off, our design team had fun creating a chill-out room on the fourth floor, complete with a wine fridge.  Now all that is needed is a sunny evening to relax and sit back and enjoy the impressive view of Connaught Square gardens

Tips for helping you to choose the perfect furniture for your home.

The Furniture Union has a team of experienced professionals who can advise you on what furniture and furnishings will best suit your home and budget.  We can guide you through the complicated process of making sure everything looks and feels right for every room. 

Here are some guidelines to help you through the process of selecting the right furniture!


-      Think about the room functionality and dynamic

The first thing you should think of when you are selecting furniture for any room is what the room’s function is and who will be using it?  For example, a guest bedroom might be very different to the master bedroom in style and functionality.  Will the room need to be child friendly?  Try to picture yourself in each room and how it would best work for you.


-      Get inspiration from interior design magazines and articles

Sometimes it’s hard to find some good inspiration when picking furniture. Do a bit of research to see what current styles, colours and finishes are popular and then start to narrow it down to fit your own tastes.  Alternatively, try and find some ideas in other design work or projects.   And if you want to see what recent interiors The Furniture Union has been working on, just check out our latest project on and maybe you will get some inspiration.


-      Make a plan / take measurements

Don’t make the mistake of buying furniture and then finding it doesn’t quite fit.  Take accurate measurements and design your own layout using free hand sketches or cut outs of the furniture floor dimensions to experiment with.  But if this sounds not a bit too complicated why not ask one of our designers to come and measure up the room and do the design and layout for you. They can even provide a 3D visual of your room with its furniture in place - and this way you’ll know that the furniture you have chosen will fit.


-      Invest in good quality products

Selecting good quality furniture and furnishing can be expensive, but don’t panic!   Choosing the right furniture is an important investment.  Choosing high quality furniture will save you money in the long run.  It will last longer and withstand years of wear and tear.

If you would like and further information on our interior design services, please get in touch with our design team and we will be pleased to help.