Tips that everyone should remember when they are painting their house.

What a difficult task to choose the right colour when you are (re)designing your home! Indeed, there are plenty of paint colours with various tints, tones and shades, and if it wasn’t hard enough each one looks different from home to home.

Fortunately, at the Furniture Union, we know some tricks which will help you to find the right colour for your interior.

1/ Go for light and neutral colours

Especially if you are painting a bedroom or room where flow is important. Light colours allow you to be more flexible in your decoration and switch your accessories easily. Moreover it will make the room look larger (Adding a mirror will also create an optical illusion and your room will look bigger).

However if you really want go for dark colour make sure you use good effective lighting, white framed prints or mirrors.


2/ Accent Wall & Colourful details

If you are afraid to choose the wrong colour, you can compromise by painting a single accent wall. In that way, you get quick results by limiting the square footage. You can also add some colourful details on your radiators or windows.

3/ Choose the paint colour at the end and test it

It seems stupid as paint is usually the first thing you will pick. But we highly recommend to choose the furniture you like first. Picking your furniture first will help you to picture the style that you want and so the colour will follow afterwards to best compliment your space. Feel free to experiment colours in small doses and work with the light under both natural and or artificial light.


At the end, you should choose colours that you like. Your home say a lot about your personality and will dictate your mood.