Interior product

Our design focused product collection comprises of an endless range of materials for fitting out every part of a home. Whether it is a complete fitted kitchen or a state of the art bathroom, The Furniture Union has the resources to supply the material for every little detail – from the wow factor must-have – down to the humble smoke detector.  It could be the latest multi-coloured illuminated shower head or a touch sensitive basin mixer to a simple loo roll holder, The Furniture Union can supply everything for any budget and at the best competitive price. 


  • Area develops the concept of clean lines and linearity, a new method of "dress up" the space
  • The horizontal sections of the kitchen blends in harmony with the living space and becomes the hub of the home.
  • Elegance become synonymous with convenience and simplicity


  • An elementary project that includes a high attention to every single detail
  • Lacquered, wooden and crystal finishes are combined with high level worktops and generates precious and lively contests
  • A winning philosophy, that allows the coexistence of different materials, without losing linearity and balance in content


  • Design and innovation lead to Forma
  • The program relies on the perfect balance of veneered fronts and crystals, lacquered surfaces and steel, leading functionality and look in this kitchen to highest levels


  • Millenium uses the finest materials in stone, glass and rare hardwoods combined with cleaned lines of design
  • Elegant kitchens designed for demanding people
  • Although designed in the purest minimal style, the range offers a wide selection of shaped to create several kitchen/living space solutions


  • Ellisse project includes curved graphic strokes able to offer "sweet" aesthetic solutions
  • The curved elements are available in glossy and matt lacquered, with handle or groove profile, well integrated with traditional collections FORMA and TOUCH
  • More versatility and a bit of character in the kitchen


  • Two practices and highly expressive collections, very elegant
  • The use of technical materials with refined texture gives life to a kitchen with style, young design and strong character
  • Insula in the usual version with external handle, Agora with groove profile for a minimalist aesthetic


  • A joyful collection, for people who loves fantasy and colurs, Fly is an immediate, informal, contemporary kitchen
  • A “kitchen personality” where colour, ergonomics and innovation introduce a “food architecture” in the kitchen contest


  • The space becomes dynamic and in constant evolution
  • The volumes are hung on the wall, or create freestanding operational island or equipped structures from floor to ceiling
  • With Systematica, the furniture adapt to any lifestyle