Why choose us?

The Furniture Union offers an impressive range of interior design products and furnishing services.  Founded in 1990, our creative and technical expertise in the contemporary interior design industry has grown over time to provide imaginative and inventive solutions for a whole range of projects. With a dedicated and dynamic team of design professionals, The Furniture Union prides itself on its ability to provide a flexible and innovative service for all our valued clients and customers.

As property experts we have been in the business for over 25 years at The Furniture Union.

We started off as an upmarket supplier of furniture, bathroom ware, kitchens, lighting, furnishings and accessories. We quickly became a “One Stop Shop” for interior designers, architects, developers, all who were having to visit various different suppliers for bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and all other interior products.

What came out of this is that we had these clients asking us to do design work for them and pull packages together using our products.

Review our  summary of services

Review our summary of services

So for the last 15 years we have had a design team that undertakes this work for our clients. We have found that by having our design team produce layouts and specifications of products, the clients get a co-ordinated and designed property at great trade prices and very low fees. This has helped them with a better overall product plus an increase in rent; we make sure the process flows from start to finish.

We work very closely with what is important in market trends at any particular time and help our clients achieve the best at a great price. We have an extensive design focused showroom for the best products, whether you’re a designer, developer, contractor or private client.

At the core of our company is an assurance of customer service and product quality.