5 Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

Getting your home designed just the way you want it is easier said than done. Very often how it looks in your mind doesn’t translate well to real life and you just need a little help to point you in the right design direction.

If you’re going for a full re-design or just levelling up a room, there are some simple tips to make sure you go straight to design diva and avoid design doom.

Here, our interior design specialists share 5 interior design mistakes you NEED to avoid:


  1. Terrible lighting – not all lighting is created equal and some is decidedly dodgy. You’re not just looking at the design of your light shade or where it is in the room – it’s important to consider how it lights up various aspects of your living space. Avoid harsh overhead lighting and think subtle but powerful up-lights instead.



  1. Old fashioned furniture placement – traditional design would have all your sofas placed firmly against the wall, creating a central space. However, times have now changed so consider placing your furniture in other orientations – experiment until you find what works. Not only does this allow you to showcase your chairs, but you can use them to demarcate areas in a fresh design.


Browse our projects to see how we’ve placed furniture in unconventional ways here. https://thefurnitureunion.com/blogs/projects


  1. White everywhere – having light, airy spaces is ideal, but having too many white walls runs the risk of creating a stark, almost surgical feel to your interiors. Experiment with whites but be sure to include hints of colour or contrast with warmer shades and vibrant art.


  1. Clutter – this may not seem like a design issue, but it can seriously impact the visual appearance of your room. Don’t be afraid to get rid of those hand-me-downs you’re holding on to that don’t add anything to a room and just look odd or old fashioned. Be ruthless if you really want a modern and clean-cut design – it’ll be worth it!


  1. Paint first, think later – put the paintbrush down. Before you set loose on your walls, you need to plan your colour around your existing furniture, art, and soft furnishings – not the other way around. Choose new furniture ahead of carrying out that paint job.