Transform an empty living space into luxurious and inviting home with our design-friendly furniture packages. Our furniture packages are available in 3 levels, to suit a range of needs and budgets.

Entry-Level Furniture Packages

Our entry-level furniture packs are ideal for those who are looking to furnish a home with stylish essentials. With three versatile packs available, there’s also a great variety of design-inspired furniture packages in our entry-level range.

Mid-Level Furniture Packages

Make any space feel stylish, contemporary and incredibly inviting with a mid-level furniture pack. Making use of the most current design trends, textures and furnishings, our mid-level furniture packs contain three options to suit a range of properties.

High-End Furniture Packages

If you’re looking to guarantee that a property makes a serious impact, our high-end furniture packages are sure to deliver. With a choice of three design-focused looks, our top-tier packs include everything you need to transform an empty space into a stunning and luxurious home.