Furniture Collections

TFU can cater for all requirements and find the best solution for all spaces, whether it be a compact flat or a spacious townhouse.

With over 25 years in the design industry The Furniture Union has an outstanding reputation for providing its clients with creative and practical solutions to facilitate marketing across the whole spectrum of residential property. Our award winning services range from one-off furnishing pieces to a completely tailored design service.

Responding to the needs of our clients we are always ready to provide professional advice and innovative ideas to create simple and elegant interiors which reflect the ever changing trends of contemporary lifestyles.

Key to our interior design ethos is our attention to detail, and emphasis on comfort and functionality. Add to this our focus on using premium quality materials and our wonderful product ranges and you can see how our qualified interior designers will help you get the most out of your property.

Our bespoke furniture collections are curated by experienced designers in our studio. Whether it is for a landlord, investor or private client the same attention to detail is applied to each scheme.

We can conduct detailed site surveys or work on submitted floorplans in order to ensure all pieces are appropriate for the property and in keeping with the target vision.

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